Toddlertints Funky Car Shade Brrm Beep Whoosh


  • $39.95

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Brmm Beep Whoosh – Perfect for any little people who are obsessed with all things that go ZOOM!

Each toddler tint measures 100cm (w) x 60cm (h) and is designed to cover ONE rear passenger window.

Please Note: If you would like to cover both rear windows, you will need to purchase two.

Using our step by step instructions, you then cut your toddler tint to size, which will ensure a perfect fit to your car window. No annoying gaps for the sun to creep in.

Our window shades fit the majority of cars, however, it is recommended that you measure your window to ensure the correct fit.

toddler tints do not effect the drivers vision, your little passenger can still see out the window and you can also put the window up and down.

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