Snotty Boss

  • $109.99

Your Child's Health Is Your No.1 Priority 

    • YOUR CHILD'S HEALTH is your No. 1 priority
    • BABIES AND YOUNG CHILDREN get 2-12 colds per year, as their immune system develops
    • SAFE FROM BIRTH and can be used multiple times a day
    • RELIEVE COVID/OMICRON related runny noses in 10 seconds
    • REMOVE THE STRESS of dealing with a congested child
    • SAFE AND EFFECTIVE motorised snot sucker to clear the nose and assist breathing (2 x AA batteries)
    • SCIENTIFICALLY TESTED SUCTION at the ideal strength of 55-65 kPa (not too strong, not too weak)
    • SOFT SILICONE NOZZLES (4) are the correct shape and size for safe and effective snot removal
    • New 4th NOZZLE - ultra wide for maximum suction of large boogers
    • ONLY AUSTRALIAN ASPIRATOR with 4 nozzles - perfect for every stage of childhood, and every type of snot
    • SUPER QUIET MOTOR will not scare your little one
    • SAFETY TESTED to RoHS standards, certified by European Notified Medical Directive (93/42/EEC) and registered with Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration and Dept of Health, Canberra (ARTG 320144)
    • ENDORSED BY DOCTORS, lactation consultants, first aid trainers and sleep consultants
    • SUPERIOR design, materials and function - a complete kit 
    • Newborns and babies are "obligate nasal breathers" which means they can only breathe through their nose in the first few months of life. They cannot breathe through their mouth at all.

      If the nostrils are blocked, it can be dangerous and uncomfortable. Little ones will struggle to breathe, feed or sleep.

      By 6 months of age, babies have developed the ability to breathe through their mouths, but their natural preference and reflex is to continue to nasal breathe, especially when sleeping. 

      Save time and money on doctor visits, chemists and medicines by removing congestion quickly in your own home, at any hour of the day an night, and minimising the risk of secondary ear, adenoid and respiratory infection.

      Remove the stress and sleepless nights associated with colds, viruses, congestion and sniffles.

      The only Australia aspirator brand sold as a complete kit with all accessories included.

      premium battery powered aspirator with regulation from the Australian Government is safer and more effective than cheap, manual aspirators.

      Don't risk cheap aspirators from overseas suppliers, that are not tested and regulated by the European Board and TGA Australia.