Vtech VM9900 Pan & Tilt Video Bby Monitor with remote access

  • $279.00
  • Save $50

The VTech VM9900 Pan & Tilt Video Baby Monitor with Remote Access offers HD resolution, a local viewer, and a handy companion app, so you can conveniently monitor your child or home when you’re away.

  • With a wide 5-inch touchscreen colour display, the VTech VM9900 Pan & Tilt Video Baby Monitor with Remote Access lets you conveniently view footages from over 4 different cameras with more detail.
  • Whether you’re out shopping or out on a holiday, this video monitor’s included 720p HD camera allows you to conveniently monitor your home or business setting. It also has a Pan & Tilt function to capture more of the scenery in the footages.
  • Straightforward and user-friendly, the VM9900 video monitor’s included HD camera can be conveniently controlled using gestures.
  • Thanks to the VM9900 baby monitor’s VTech app*, you can remotely view stored recordings and control up to 10 cameras using your compatible device.


  • Family Monitoring: Check in on your love ones using the VTech VM9900 and remote access app; while at home, work, travelling or simply on a night out
  • Home Monitoring: With the VTech VM9900 and remote access app you can now check in to see and hear what's taking place arounf your home whether you're there or not
  • Business Monitoring: When your business is closed, or simply to help monitor activity when it's open, the VTech VM 9900 and remote access app give you peace of mind
  • Pet Monitor: Whether at work, on holiday or simply on a night out, keeping an eye on your precious pet has just got easier with VTech VM9900 and remote access app
  • Note 1: Audio in split screen mode on parent unit;
    - selected camera (has yellow outline around it) audio will come through to parent unit
    - there are also sound alerts for all cameras (even those that are not selected as above) - these appear as "Sound detected at CAM X" message across the top of the screen
    Note 2: No audio in split screen mode on app.
    Note 3: In patrol mode auto switches every ~10 seconds on parent unit
    Note 4: In patrol mode user can select camera transition time on app - 10, 20 or 30 seconds