Brightberry Silicone Ergonomic Self Feeding Spoons 2 pack

  • $14.00

Brightberry award-winning spoons are ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED upwards and have a wide handle, so they are easy to pick up and hold by children.

A unique INTEGRATED TEETHER on the spoon handle is perfect for helping your baby through teething stages.

The spoons have a reinforced handle that allows the baby to have a firm grip while still outwardly soft. Silicone finish is soft to touch and helps prevent slipping out of hands.

Brightberry Spoons are easy to clean, dishwasher safe, and you can sterilise them by boiling water on the stove. Do not microwave sterilise. 

You will love the two instead of one spoon, because babies want to hold their easy-grip spoon while you fed them! Select from Sage, Coral, Blueberry, Riberry and Pacific Blue colours.

💟 Curved upwards for easy pick-up
💟 Wide handle for little hands to hold easily
💟 Spoons with teether on the handle
💟 Soft silicone finish with a sturdy handle
💟 Wide spoon bowl to prevent gag
💟 BPA, Lead and Phthalates Free
esigned by Brightberry in Australia
💟 Tested to meet international product safety standards.
✅ Fully recyclable packaging ♳ ♻️