Bonikka Tikiri Cotton Doll Scarlet Flower Kid Beige Hair

  • $49.95


Soft dolls, rag dolls and cloth dolls hand made with beautiful fabrics. Traditional and contemporary dolls that are soft and huggable, safe for babies, toddlers and children. They also make comforting empathy dolls for all age groups. A timeless and classic soft toy that will comfort and delight.

A soft and sweet doll made from 100% cotton. 

Bonikka Scarlet Flower Doll

In a pretty floral dress and matching shoes. This beige haired girl will become your childs new best friend.

Pigtails and a flower in her hair, this little doll is made super soft and extra cuddly.

Bonikka is a beautifully crafted family of rag dolls, designed to stand the text of time, much like enduring love that accompanies its gifting.

Ages: Baby and up