Bibikids Backpack Large Giraffe

Bibikids Backpack Large Giraffe

  • $49.99

BibiKids Large sized backpack is designed for young kids 6+ years of age. BibiKids Large backpacks come with a The BibiKids large back pack is ideal for preschool and primary use with fun characters, making the transition to big kid fun

Our cute range of collectable animal buddy backpacks have enough space for Toys, clothes, books, lunches plus more! The two large mesh side pockets are ideal for storing drinks, bottles and other items. 2 Large zippered compartments with the main compartment including a divider ideal for seperating books, ipads or small laptops!

BibiKids LARGE backpacks are a great travel accessory and ideal for car, plane or train travel, a friend you can take anywhere!

Top grab or hang handle
light and durable
adjustable chest buckle and strap
two zippered compartments
seperate padded compartment for small ipad or laptop
Waterproof durable fabric
Wide back straps for easy weight distribution