Baby Face Board Book

  • $19.95

Newborn babies love looking at faces. In fact, the human face is the first thing that your baby will come to recognise. That’s why I’ve designed this friendly book of faces for baby. Baby will be attracted to the black and white designs in the beginning of the book, and then can progress through the book as they start to see brighter colour and eventually, lighter tones. The smiling faces will provide comfort and familiarity as your newborn tries to make sense of the brand new world around them. Each face has been carefully designed in a simple manner to make it easy for baby to recognise the basic features of the face, and to incorporate shapes and patterns that will stimulate baby’s vision.

Watch with delight as your baby’s favourite page changes from month to month as their eyesight develops.

Katey Love, creator of the Mesmerised range, is an Australian designer and illustrator. She has 2 daughters and a cat called Pippi, and lives in Hobart Tasmania. She is passionate about sharing the benefits of black-and-white books for babies